Jeri  Patry

USD 401 has started collecting monthly information to acknowledge and celebrate the great people in our district who regularly go ABOVE AND BEYOND! Superintendent McDonald stated, "We have great people here who on a daily basis go above and beyond the call of duty to help our students, community, and support what needs to be done.  We want an opportunity to celebrate these people!" McDonald acknowledge without everyone on the USD 401 team things just would not work as smoothly. Please look for opportunities to submit a name electronically using a Google Form on the districts website each month. 

The first recipient of the Above and Beyond Award is new staff member Jeri Lynn Patry. Her primary role as a Student Support Specialist, is not the only thing that has caused her to have some notice. She was also identified for her work with students, assisting teachers, and preparing the concession stands. Mrs. Patry we are so glad to have you on our team! Thank you for all you do! 

Here are a few of the reasons she was identified. 

"Always helpful, in a good mood all the time, works hard and keeps people on task when needed and always helps more than she needs too, is never disrespectful to student or staff, and will do anything you ask her to do except for cheating and when you ask her to do all your work for you."  -- student

"She has stepped up to the plate! She is always willing to help out and always asking how we're doing or what we need! She makes copies for me when I feel frazzled. She is very invested in our students and wants them to succeed! She is beyond helpful with the concessions stand. I love that she is open to constructive criticism. I love having her in our building!" --- staff member