On April 12, 2021, the U.S.D. 401 School Board voted to amend the Raymond Junior High & Chase High School cell phone policy. This adoption is effective immediately and was brought forth due to the significant disruptions that continue to occur to the learning environment when students have cellphones in school. The disruption of cell phones continues to plague the learning environment through disruption and distraction and at times prohibits our students from learning. The policy below is effective immediately. 

Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices

 Cellular phones and electronic devices shall not disrupt the educational process.  Cell phones shall not be used during the school day from 8:00- 3:30.  

 Any electronic device with a camera or any item capable of taking pictures are banned from the bathrooms and locker rooms, and any student violation will be punished accordingly.

Any electronic item used during instructional time may be confiscated by staff members observing the infraction and turned into the office and the parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the phone from the school

We would like to remind all students and parents that the office is available to take calls and messages during the school day, 620-938-2923. We are more than happy to work with each family if extenuating circumstances occur to warrant quick or additional contact with your child during the school day. If a students cell phone is visible or used during the school day staff members will take the phone to the office where parents will be notified they will need to pick it up. 

Students have the option to turn their cell phone into the office to be stored in the safe with their identifying information, store their cell phones in their locker during the day, or leave the phone at home. Students going on trips out of town for extracurricular events will be able to take cell phones on the bus for contact home to be used outside of the school day hours.