Seating Diagram for CHS

KSHSAA Updated Fan Attendance

From KSHSAA: Effective Thursday, December 10 through January 28, 2021, interscholastic activities will allow for attendance of up to two parents/guardians per participant(s) family as allowed by local board of education or health department restrictions. 

  The current interpretation of participants include: 

· Players · Coaches · Student Managers · Cheer squads · Dance teams · Pep bands · Student Journalists 

Diagram of Chase High School Gym and Seating

Seating is clearly marked with tape to display where seating is permitted. No more than 2 people from the same household should be seated together. 

Social distancing and properly worn masks are still mandated and will be strictly enforced.  Proper social distancing expectations will be family members of the same household sit together and 6ft of spacing between  all spectators not from the same household. Mask expectations are that the masks must be worn in the manner it was intended. Those failing to adhere to the COVID protocols will be asked once to do so or leave the event.  If non-compliance continues we will stop the competition until those not complying leave the facility and could result in spectators no longer allowed into future games.  No outside food or drinks will be allowed.

All teams coming to play at Chase High School will have a total of 38 seats for visitors. Seating is clearly marked to allow for Social Distancing. Patrons are required to wear masks that cover the mouth and nose, those who fail to wear them as intended can be asked to leave. Concessions will be available, however no food or drink will be allowed in the gym at this time. 

Chase High School Student Participates will each receive at least 1 ticket to any home event. Cheerleaders will get 1 ticket athlete, basketball players will get 2 tickets per family group. Total not to exceed 40 spectators.