Music Concert Schedule Updates

Hello Parents and Guardians,

It’s no secret that this year has been different, filled with unexpected challenges but also unexpected blessings. Due to COVID guidelines we will have to adjust the way that we put on performances this year. Below I have listed out the changes we will be making to the calendar through the rest of the semester. 

Fall Pops Concert - Performance for classmates and staff:

Video feed for parents and grandparents


PreK-12 Christmas Concert - Cancelled:

Scheduled performances at basketball games.

We will still be having a Fall Pops Concert, the details are listed below. Moving forward we will be putting on multiple mini concerts in between JH and HS Basketball games! This way family and friends will be able see their child’s performance live! 

We will have the following performance schedule:

Fall Pop’s Concert (MS and HS)

Thursday, October 22nd @ 2:40pm

  • This concert will be held in the Old Gym during school hours for the High School students and staff. No outside guests please.

  • We will be recording this performance and sending out a link to family and friends

Basketball Performances - More details to come as the date gets closer

High School Choir

  • November 12th

  • December 3rd

  • January 14th

Middle School Choir

  • January 8th

  • February 19th

Elementary Performances

  • December 18th

  • February 9th

Thank you for your flexibility during this unique time. The ultimate goal is to create safe opportunities for your student to be able to perform live. Who knows! Maybe we will like some of the changes and want to keep them as traditions for years to come. If you have any questions or concerns contact Ms. Engelken at or call the school at 620-938-2913.